Saturday, October 31, 2009

Olsenboye by Mary-Kate & Ashley

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have gone back to their fashion roots by re-creating an affordable fashion line for their adoring fans. The new line is named Olsenboye- 'Olsen' following their surnames and 'Boye' as a homage to their norweign ancestrial surnames, which is both fitting and meaningful.
The new line previewed on ABC News and will be exclusively stocked at J.C Penney and in their own words it is targeted at "tweens & teens", priced at between $20 and $50 a piece. It will be officially available in February 2010 and will feature a few key pieces including denim jeans and easy to wear plaid shirts that go beyond their target market and wearable by any age group.
Mary-Kate and Ashley hit the road in a customised truck in order to sell a few pieces from their preview collection where all proceeds go to charity. On the bus the sisters kept it fashionable as always wearing matching oversized coats. Ashley looked polished in her studded Prada T-bar heels and the infamous Chanel 5018 half-tint round sunglasses. Mary-Kate was eclectic in her Harem pants, platform booties; mismatched jewelry and the new must have Dior Diorette cat-eye sunglasses.
With three fashion lines including The Row, Elizabeth and James and now Olsenboye, these two never fail to impress me.  
If you missed the Olsen Twins promoting their line on ABC News, then here is the link to it on Youtube.

Enjoy :)


WendyB said...

Shaz, I will do a health post for you on my blog :-)

Fashionable Earth said...

Love it!! And apparently it is online starting today:)

ryder said...

oh im so interested in what the line will be like. im googling it asap.

Bubu said...

nice blog, yes really nice photosss

Bubu said...

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CC said...

I love Mary-Kate and Ashley! Their previous collections have been awesome, can't wait to see this one. :)

PS - I have a great giveaway on my blog. Don't forget to sign up!

sophie said...

aw, i wish they'd release it in europe though! xx

Juliet said...

The two of them are amazing. just gorgeous!

juliet xxx

Dylana said...

Love this!

Lovely blog!

Fashion Tidbits said...

they're such great entrepreneurs aren't they?!!! :)

m said...

I would adore these two if only they didn't wear fur in such abundance. Nothing says "I condone inhumane animal treatment" like a skin of a dead animal on your back.

LoliTa said...

love the olsens! and yes something we can afford!

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