Saturday, June 19, 2010

YSL launches Fragrance. Ashley Olsen Launches New Trend.

For the launch of YSL's new fragrance, Belle D'Opium, they celebrated by inviting some of the coolest cats in town including Alexa Chung, Whitney Port and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

However, the standout of the night had to be one half of the Olsen twins. Ashley Olsen wore a modest black trench coat, booties with patent cap toe and a mustard yellow knot choker necklace. Then she went all crazy, Olsen Style, and wrapped her carefree tresses under a Palestinian inspired turban. Inspiration.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rocking these diamonds, I'm rocking this chain, Make sure you get a picture, I'm rocking my fame!

While in Madrid Spain, Rihanna wore such a hot outfit, she had to hit up a local Häagen-Dazs Ice-Cream Shop to cool herself down.

Miss Riri wore a maple leaf & star printed dress with a sizzling thigh-high hem line. She added a thick gold chain around her neck to match her nude colored Lanvin Chain pumps. She also wore a pair of cat eye Tom Ford Nikita FT 0173 Sunglasses to shield herself from the Big City, Bright Lights. Rihanna is right on trend in these amazingly fresh Cat Eye sunglasses which celebrities seem to be moving towards.

You can purchases these sunglasses authentically online at Sunglasses Italy or Sunglasses Shop UK.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

VIB: Very Important Beckhams

Victoria Beckham - June 5th 2010: On her way to the Airport in sky high Christian Louboutin peep-toe ankle boots, Cutler and Gross 0811 Sunglasses and a bright red shift dress whilst carrying her favorite Hermes Birkin. Her son's Romeo & Cruz were equally fashionable in checks, tanks, trucker caps and sunglasses from Ray Ban and Super Retro Future kids collection. Pimping.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear June

My June Loves...

Louis Vuitton's Lady-Like Fall 2010 Dresses.  

Wendy Brandes' Vampire Diana Ring inspired by the vampire pop culture. I don't care for vampires, but i sure love this ring. Can be purchased online for $450.

Tom Ford's bold take on the new cat eye sunglasses trend. These Tom Ford Nikita Sunglasses have already been seen on Scarlett Johansson and Cate Blanchett and can be purchased online at Sunglasses Shop UK.


Prada's campaign featuring Plexiglass detailing, transparent cat eye shades and screen print fabrics.

And finally and most importantly,a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Wendy Brandes' on having her beautifully designed Cleopatra Earrings featured in the new Sex and the City 2 movie. These earrings can be purchased online for $450 in sterling silver or you can splash out and spoil yourself with a 18k gold and diamond pair for a cool $7,250.


Going to see them dangling from the fashionable ears of Kim Cattrall aka Samantha Jones on the Big Screen tonight...can't wait!  :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Posh Peepers: Tom Ford Ali TF 221 & Alessandra TF 94 Sunglasses

I have an obsession. Sunglasses. More than any other accessory i seem to, acquire, wear, sell and buy sunglasses at rapid speeds. This year, I am obsessed with Cat Eye Sunglasses and Oversized sunglasses, not just any oversized sunglasses, but SUPER DUPER Large and Rounded Gigantic Sunglasses.

When petite stylist, Rachel Zoe wore a pair of Gigantic frames on her hit reality TV show, The Rachel Zoe Project, I just had to known what they were. After a little research, i discovered that Tom Ford has released two styles which are identical, one called the Tom Ford Alessandra TF 0094 Sunglasses and the other is called Tom Ford Ali TF 221. They are both identical, but due to popular demand, Tom Ford re-released a newer version now known as Tom Ford Ali TF 221

Since then the frame has been seen on numerous celebrities, including Brooke Shields, who wore the sunglasses on and off the set of her TV show, Lipstick Jungle.

 The Most Influential Hispanic Entertainer of our time, Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing the Tom Ford Ali while vacationing with her family. She paired her rose brown pair with a headscarf, bikini, jumpsuit and a pair of neutral wedged heels for a breezy summer look. Lady Gaga on the other hand, kept her fierce persona up during a photo shoot, by wearing a black latex costume featuring hanging chains. She added a pair of statement making black Alessandra sunglasses which clashed amazingly with her peroxide blonde locks.

These sunglasses are the perfect Paparazzi blockers as demonstrated by Kim Kardashian. She strutted confidently through LAX Airport wearing the Tom Ford Ali in black, with Report over-the-knee boots, trendy ripped jeans and Louis Vuitton luggage.

However, out of all the celebrities who wore these, I love how Kourtney Kardashian has been rocking them lately. The hot mom, has been wearing them all over town paired with distressed denim, bikinis, boyfriend jeans and beautiful pastel skirts. She definitely made it look feminine, beautiful and a real everyday pair. It is definitely her favourite pair.

The Tom Ford Ali style features two perfectly rounded lenses with extra large lenses to add that extra 'Fashion Pow Wow' to any outfit. All the colors in this particular style feature graduated gradient lenses to soften the look of the frame whilst keeping it very feminine. This pair is not for the faint hearted, but for those who love oversized statement sunglasses, then these are perfect. The Tom Ford Ali TF 221 sunglasses are so hard to get a hold of as they are in high demand throughout the world, but I've finally added a rose brown pair to my sunglasses collection.

Photo of the Day: Kingston & Zuma's Brotherly Love

Gwen Stefani's little ones, Kingston & Zuma showing some brotherly love whilst visiting their grandmother. Too cute for words ♥

Friday, March 19, 2010

Backpack Trend Update: Daisy Lowe and Ashley Olsen

Since my last post on the backpack trend, other young celebs have emerged wearing iconic backpacks. British model and illegitimate child of Gavin Rossdale, Daisy Lowe, was seen enjoying a day out wearing a classic Louis Vuitton Bosphore backpack. The canvas backpack features the timeless monogram print and handy pockets. She looks so fricken adorable wearing it, that it almost makes you want to go out and splurge $1,500 on this LV backpack.

Ashley Olsen also opted for a classic as seen in my previous post. She wore a simple and elegant Prada backpack with sensible front compartments and durable nylon. The trend seems to be picking up and the move is towards small, medium or large backpacks from traditional designers.

Posh Trend: The Sweater as a Scarf

Ashley Olsen woke up one day and decided to turn her world up side down. Alas she wore her sweater as a scarf. She loved the idea so much she wore it from Paris to New York for 4 days straight, cheering up those around her with that bright yellow cable knit sweater. Having a spare sunny sweater wrapped around your neck? Cute and Convenient!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Current Foot Fetish: Clogs

Over the last few season's we have become accustomed to shoes starring bold elements such as spikes, studs, metal plates, chains, caging and all that other industrial hoopla. The trend towards footwear was aggressive, powerful and could be used as a source of weaponry if a situation were to arise. But then Mr. Karl Lagerfeld came along and changed all that when he showed off his super cute dainty Chanel Clogs.
The Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 show featured clogs that had some applauding at the movement towards comfortable heels with a feminine feel while others cringed at the return of The Clog which has always had a strong hate base. However, I don't think Lagerfeld could have reintroduced the debatable shoe any better, as models walked down the runway with fresh faces, saccharine summer dresses and clogs in neutral hues.
The Chanel look has already been translated from the runway by UK TV presenter Alexa Chung who wore a brown pair of Chanel clogs to the dismay of many.
Online stores, such as ShopBop have already jumped on the clog bandwagon, so if you would like a designer pair from Elizabeth and James, Stuart Weitzman, Cynthia Vincent or even Ugg, ShopBop has a great range as seen in their most recent pictorials. 

No matter how much people kick and scream refusing to acknowledge the clog as a trend, when celebrities like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are seen in clogs and slides alike, you know every designer and department store is going to pick up on the trend and before you know'll be wearing them too.

I personally love them, because clogs are my first real shoe memory. In Grade 2, I can remember dragging my reluctant father all around the shopping mall to find a pair of black clogs because i thought they were ever so cool. I wore them non stop for months until i eventually grew out of them and went on to my tom boy phase. So clogs are more of a sentimental thing for me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Posh Trend: Bringing Backpacks Back!

As a youth in Hollywood these days, you would barely survive on talent alone. It's all about selling your image and making a statement through your attire and accessories, and these season's must have accessory is the backpack!

As always, the Olsen twins were first to start a trend. Over a year ago, Ashley Olsen was seen lugging around her goods in a Henri Beguelin Parachute handbag, a Jimmy Choo dust bag and a quirky Alexandra Cassaniti Backpack. Her cheeky Pinkeye patterned backpack is a fresh approach to a trend which has the ability to look a bit "momsie". 

Recently Ashley Olsen was seen out getting her signature coffee in an oversized sweater, brown corduroy pants and Chanel ballet flats. She ditched her fussy handbags for a classic Prada Nylon Backpack. It features two functional exterior pockets, adjustable straps and secure flap and drawstring closure. This backpack is available in the Prada collection every season thus makes it a great investment piece for years to come.

Whitney Port was also seen wearing numeruous backpacks recently including the classic Prada Nylon backpack in black while shopping in her American Apparel turquoise blue leggings and Chanel 5120 round sunglasses.

A few days ago, Ashley was also spotted in Paris France wearing a timeless beige wool coat, Elizabeth and James loafers on her feet and Linda Farrow for The Row dark sunglasses. Her bag of choice this time was a vintage tan and brown backpack, perfect for hand free sightseeing in the City of Lights. She continued to carry the bag while shopping in New York.

Rihanna is another celebrity who is never short of handbags and accessories. As a former face of the Gucci house, she continued to support the brand by wearing a Gucci Darwin Backpack. This blue backpack features multiple gold zipper pockets and interchangeable straps which allow you to wear it as a regular handbag too!

The trend isn't only for the ladies, men who are traditionally known to wear backpacks can see their practical bags take a more fashionable turn. New season styles feature bursts of color as seen on Chris Brown, bold prints and luxurious leather textures as seen in the SS10 Louis Vuitton men's runway shows.

The backpack movement is a lifesaver for those who are suffering from bad packs and shoulders thanks to lugging around oversized handbags over the years. I haven't worn a backpack since my elementary schooling days so these preppy backpacks will definitely leave me nostalgic.

Friday, February 12, 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

The amazingly unconventional British Designer, Alexander McQueen was found dead at his home yesterday. At the age of 40, his premature death is being pointed at an apparent hanging suicide. Speculation suggests that pressure to perform as well as last season and his mothers recent death are to blame for his slum into depression.

This is really tragic news, as demand for his designs have been at boiling point in recent times with praise coming from all corners from the fashion industry, fashion icons and celebrities. His designs became icons including the Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf and Armadillos shoes.

His Spring 2010 collection will be his final and best show with dramatic silhouettes, intricate detailing, sci-fi hair and inspired heels clutch purses.

Here are photos from of his Final Collection.

Another life taken too early...R.I.P McQueen

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ana Dello Russo is Black and Gold!

Must be another proud day for Victoria Beckham, as yet another celebrity has been seen in her designs. Recently, Vogue Nippon, Fashion Editor at Large, the fabulous Miss Ana Dello Russo (2nd from the right), was photographed by the Satorialist wearing the black and gold Alavoine mini dress from the Victoria Beckham Collection.

Ana look fabulous in anything she wears and this is HUGE for Victoria as it shows that the elite fashion industry is starting to embrace her as a designer. Lucky girl!

As for every other fashionista in this photo, they look absolutely amazing in their sky high heels, leopard print jackets, over the knee boots, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and their Chanel and Louis Vuitton X Sophia Coppola!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lady Gaga's Situation


Name: Lady Gaga
Where: 52nd Annual Grammy Awards 2010
Situation: Serious Camel Toe
Question: Does it hurt? :O

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Armadillo Feet

Kelis- From "My Milkshake Brings all the boys to the yard" fame has now pretty much scared all the boys from the yard. What the hell is she wearing? No words can describe the hilarity of the outfit she wore to the Data Awards yesterday. She paired controversial Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoes with a pink leather catsuit, facial jewelry, Grey hair extensions, false eyelashes, Givenchy Spiked Headband and upper thigh sweat.

In the case of Kelis' outfit we should rename these Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes, Alexander McQueen "Im-a Dildo" Shoes.Sorry, McQueen she did you no justice.

Lady Gaga wore and bedazzled in a pair of Armadillo's and matching outfit in her Bad Romance film clip and looked farkin hot in them.

Daphne Guinness, who was also seen in this pair, is a hailed style icon and collector of rare Haute Couture clothing. Through her journalistic work she has revealed her fetish for armour style materials used in creating designer fashions, thus the Armadillos were right up her ally.At least Lady Gaga and Daphne made them look far more desirable then aforementioned pink panther above.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well i'd do anything for a Blonde-Dike

Kanye West and Amber Rose were seen hotting up the town in one-piece leather ensembles, leopard print scarves, skinny jeans and matching Air Jordan sneakers. Amber Rose was also seen wearing Vintage Alitalia Sport 550 sunglasses. These amazing aviator sunglasses were designed for sporting purposes in the 1980's, but now their merely used as stylish paparazzi blockers. As Kanye's Stronger lyrics professed, "well i'd do anything for a blonde-dike", that must have included sharing his sunglasses, as the frames Amber's sporting, actually belong to Kanye, who has been seen wearing them several times, but i guess he knows, sharing is caring, just like he like sharing microphones...

Nicole Richie and her Fashion Brand

Long gone are the days of Nicole Richie's trashy socialite lifestyle, where breast flashing and colored hair extensions were all the rage. These days, Nicole is raising two beautiful children and focusing all her extra energy on creating a fabulous fashion brand. Nicole, who has already had amazing success with her House of Harlow Jewelry and Accessories collection, is now moving onto bigger and better things by designing shoes, sunglasses and apparel for her savvy supporters.

The apparel line will be branded as the Winter Kate Collection and will feature lightweight cardigans, vests and dresses. Nicole Richie is seen here wearing a red scarf, grey Jet skinny jeans, a Balenciaga City bag, booties and a 'Lola' feather silk cardigan from the soon to be released Spring 2010 collection.

The preview of the collection is looking good so far, so hopefully the collection will be just as successful as her jewelry line.

And just for old times sake, here is a picture of Nicole Richie being all classy and flashing her goods early in the millennium. Now you'll appreciate just how far shes come...

Posh Peepers: Balenciaga 0067/S Sunglasses

Forget Ray Ban aviators, this is how the pros do an aviator frame. Balenciaga 0067S Sunglasses are a brand new addition to the carefully thought out Balenciaga eyewear collection and have already been seen on pop sensation Miley Cyrus and eccentric style icon Amber Rose.

These sunglasses feature an oversized tear drop aviator frame with contrasting bridge and bar detailing. The top steel bridge features crystals that are ever so cautiously placed to create a subtle sophistication, unlike other sunglasses on the market with tacky bling bling sporadically placed all over the frame. The colors this rock worthy style comes in are amazing too such as dark green cactus, honey horn, chocolate horn and classic black.
They are retailing for about US $250 online at Otticanet, which is a great price for Genuine Balenciaga.Get your pair HERE.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Posh Peepers: Alexander Wang Sunglasses

 When Alexander Wang decided to collaborate with Linda Farrow to develop his first eyewear collection, you know good things were going to unfold. Linda Farrow is known for creating high quality sunglasses that are so exclusive and one of a kind, that you won't be seeing them stocked at any tacky Sunglass Hut stores. 

After a much anticipated wait, Spring 2010 came along, and super cool models such as Freja Beha Erichsen and Natasha Poly trotted down the runway in sunglasses with exaggerated corners giving off that eccentric 1950's cat-eye look. And who better to test out these bold sunglasses than Lady Gaga? She has been seen wearing Alexander Wang's first pair of sunglasses appropriate titled, AW1.

 Nicky Hilton is another celebrity who was instantly wooed by Mr. Wang's designs. She has been toting around his studded Coco Duffel Bag for months and now she has Alexander Wang AW3 Wayfarer Sunglasses to match. The AW3 is an oversized wayfarer with zipper detailing, made of nickle, running all the way around the frame. Its a contradictory pair in that it is an understated, statement maker.

 If your loving the Wang, then you can get your very own pair online at Opening Ceremony. Prices start at US $325.