Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chanel Supersized

Late last year, Karl Lagerfeld was quoted as saying "No one wants to see curvy women". This controversial statement had many fuming at Karl's narrow minded yet somewhat true notion. In response to the retaliation, Karl Lagerfeld in conjunction with V Magazine, shot a burlesque inspired editorial featuring plus size model Miss Dirty Martini featuring Chanel jewelry and accessories.

Although many think that Karl has had a change of heart and is embracing the idea of larger women modeling for Chanel, I'm pretty sure this is Karl's way of saying "See, i told you skinny models look better".  


Juliet said...

I agree. Plus size models might be coming trend but I could swear Karl feels just the same as he did before!

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Janine said...

You know who doesn't want to see plus-size models? Me. Healthy, athletic, sure. But overweight women are by definition unattractive and unhealthy. Karl is totally in the right. I wonder what Coco herself would think of this plus-size nonsense.

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