Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lily Allen's Festival Style

Lily Allen was in Australia performing at the Big Day Out Music festival over the weekend. On stage, Lily wore a brightly colored butterfly print top which she paired with roaring leopard print underwear in true Lily Allen style. Only problem with these photos is that some wanka decided to photoshop cellulite on to the back of Lily's legs. Clearly, judging from the photo below, Lily doesn't have the legs of a 70 year old.


LoliTa said...

i LOVE lily!
thanks for visiting :)

Erica said...

great colors


Janine said...

I fluctuate in size the same as Lily, so that could very well be her real bottom. I definitely have cellulite myself. Those pics are unflattering but I love that she is just her gorgeous self. I'm so biased though, 'cause I freaking love Lily.

Anonymous said...

Hahah it is funny though lol

Anonymous said...

OH Gos what happen with Lily, she looks fat. And her style isn't cool. She could Buy Viagra to her boyfriend and will be better.

Anonymous said...

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