Thursday, January 28, 2010

Posh Peepers: Balenciaga 0067/S Sunglasses

Forget Ray Ban aviators, this is how the pros do an aviator frame. Balenciaga 0067S Sunglasses are a brand new addition to the carefully thought out Balenciaga eyewear collection and have already been seen on pop sensation Miley Cyrus and eccentric style icon Amber Rose.

These sunglasses feature an oversized tear drop aviator frame with contrasting bridge and bar detailing. The top steel bridge features crystals that are ever so cautiously placed to create a subtle sophistication, unlike other sunglasses on the market with tacky bling bling sporadically placed all over the frame. The colors this rock worthy style comes in are amazing too such as dark green cactus, honey horn, chocolate horn and classic black.
They are retailing for about US $250 online at Otticanet, which is a great price for Genuine Balenciaga.Get your pair HERE.

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