Friday, March 19, 2010

Backpack Trend Update: Daisy Lowe and Ashley Olsen

Since my last post on the backpack trend, other young celebs have emerged wearing iconic backpacks. British model and illegitimate child of Gavin Rossdale, Daisy Lowe, was seen enjoying a day out wearing a classic Louis Vuitton Bosphore backpack. The canvas backpack features the timeless monogram print and handy pockets. She looks so fricken adorable wearing it, that it almost makes you want to go out and splurge $1,500 on this LV backpack.

Ashley Olsen also opted for a classic as seen in my previous post. She wore a simple and elegant Prada backpack with sensible front compartments and durable nylon. The trend seems to be picking up and the move is towards small, medium or large backpacks from traditional designers.


Fashion Tidbits said...

still on the search for a pretty backpack that doesn't cost loads~

Valentina_s said...

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Adele said...

Hi Shaz! Do you remember me?
I had a blog that I have not updated for 2 years! ( & I've finally got back on the game
and thought I'd let you know I have a new link ( :) - Its very empty right now!! I miss you! I just read your comment on my last post asking where i had been lol! how r u?!

Fashion Nicotine said...

I like a little backpack!

Xx. Fashion Nicotine

Tala said...

im not really down with the backpack look but these girls can make ANYTHING look hot :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Daisy's lace-up boots are so teenager trendy. Dustbin those, honey.

Anonymous said...

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