Thursday, March 18, 2010

Current Foot Fetish: Clogs

Over the last few season's we have become accustomed to shoes starring bold elements such as spikes, studs, metal plates, chains, caging and all that other industrial hoopla. The trend towards footwear was aggressive, powerful and could be used as a source of weaponry if a situation were to arise. But then Mr. Karl Lagerfeld came along and changed all that when he showed off his super cute dainty Chanel Clogs.
The Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 show featured clogs that had some applauding at the movement towards comfortable heels with a feminine feel while others cringed at the return of The Clog which has always had a strong hate base. However, I don't think Lagerfeld could have reintroduced the debatable shoe any better, as models walked down the runway with fresh faces, saccharine summer dresses and clogs in neutral hues.
The Chanel look has already been translated from the runway by UK TV presenter Alexa Chung who wore a brown pair of Chanel clogs to the dismay of many.
Online stores, such as ShopBop have already jumped on the clog bandwagon, so if you would like a designer pair from Elizabeth and James, Stuart Weitzman, Cynthia Vincent or even Ugg, ShopBop has a great range as seen in their most recent pictorials. 

No matter how much people kick and scream refusing to acknowledge the clog as a trend, when celebrities like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are seen in clogs and slides alike, you know every designer and department store is going to pick up on the trend and before you know'll be wearing them too.

I personally love them, because clogs are my first real shoe memory. In Grade 2, I can remember dragging my reluctant father all around the shopping mall to find a pair of black clogs because i thought they were ever so cool. I wore them non stop for months until i eventually grew out of them and went on to my tom boy phase. So clogs are more of a sentimental thing for me.


WendyB said...

I've been obsessed by clogs since the mid'80s! Excited to have so many choices, just hope I can pick one!

Janine said...

Clogs are nostalgic for me too! In middle school my mom and I shared a few pairs. I like the way they look on MK/Ashley so I might actually bring this look back. I want ankle straps though - clogs can be dangerous to walk in!

Anonymous said...

Straight-ahead clogs still reek of hospital orderly.

Clog-style strappy sandals or even knee high "clog" boots? Yes please.

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Doctor R. said...

Clogs are in my opinion one among the best "fetish shoe" a woman can wear. I developped my fetish for clogs since I was a child...