Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Lohan's Modeling Makeover!

For years the Lohan family has been living off the fame and fortune of Lindsay Lohan's acting, singing and modeling career. However Lindsay's drug and alcohol issues has seen her career take all the wrong turns and now her family needs to fend for themselves.

While Lindsay is in and out of rehab, her younger sister Ali Lohan has decided to pursue a modeling career. The 17 year old, who now goes by her fullname of Aliana Lohan, has been looking remarkably thin as of late. Aliana has always been thin, but clearly the modeling pressure has seen her drop more weight. I guess in the modeling industry there is no such thing as being too thin. Good luck to Ali, hopefully her career turns out a bit better than her sisters.

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Anonymous said...

There is definitely a "too thin" look that people find revolting and she's already there at 17 that's sad